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The World’s Leading Drinking Water Fountains

Water Fountains are a necessity in the public space.

All of us need drinking water available on demand when we are outside.

The question is: How do we drink?

We manufacture an exceptional drinking experience while out in the open, through research and continuous learning of the most preferred way by which you and your consumers drink.

Our water fountains provide a refreshing drinking experience for all users while focusing on the small details.

The drinking fountain complies with the highest standard of accessibility and provides easy, aesthetic and comfortable drinking in a modern and environment-friendly manner.

The Outside Digital Weighing Scale

Creating a Complete Sporting Experience

for Outdoor Training in the Public Space

We adore sport and the people that do sport;

therefore, we produced a digital weighing scale so that you and those training in your environment can weigh themselves during daily walk and to see exactly how you are progressing. You are doing a graet job, and we shall do everything we can to encourage you.

Outside digital weighing scale

'8 Goals'
A new soccer game playable with 8 players

In this challenging game which includes 8 mini pitches, every player is both attacing and defending, by scoring goals to his 7 opponents and keep his own goal from scoring, at the same time.

Are you ready to play?

8 שערים

8 שערים



GAL is a company for the development of environmental health,

that leads the field in outdoor drinking fountains in the world.


We have been leading the way for over twenty years in ground breaking developments that today have become an integral part of our known environment. In order that you -the people that influence the appearance of our environment- may create your advanced environment.


For the first time ever, we have produced a variety of drinking water fountains for different uses:

drinking fountains for children, drinking fountain for dogs, cold water drinking fountains, bottle filling water fountains -that have changed the outdoor drinking experience for all.

In order that the drinking fountains shall be truly for everyone, we are leaders in providing accessible drinking fountains for those with mobility impairments in Israel and we continue to develop this area to this day.

In the same way we have also developed the 8 Goals and the outside digital weighing scale in order to create a uniqe sporting and health experience for people outside.

The Key Parameters Which Make Our Product A World Leader


We are leaders in providing accessible drinking fountains in Israel. Our accessible products meet the highest standards, so ensuring for you accessibility at the highest existing standards

User Experience

Our products are designed to be aesthetic and comfortable while featuring unique and innovative functions so that we can be sure that everyone enjoys using the product chosen by you.


The quality of our product is one of the highest that exists. The product has been designed accurately and comprises of carefully chosen materials that will ensure the protection of your most important resources- time, energy and money.


Every product is unique and is registered at the Ministry of Justice. Our goal is to keep you up to date and ensure that you are always upfront and technologically advanced in your field.

Environmental Responsibility

We are obligated to preserve the natural resources from the planning stage until manufacture, by means of designing eco-friendly products, utilization of environmentally friendly resources and clean manufacturing.