The only one of its kind 


The new soccer game of 8 players


Purpose of the Game

Each player has to score the most goals while defending his goal


The Start of a Game

The ball is placed in the middle of the pitch and the players stand on their goal lines. At the signal, the players shall run to the ball.


​Move by Move and Scoring Method

  • The game lasts 32 minutes and is divided into 4 rounds

  • At the beginning of the game, each player receives 10 points backed up by  electronic registration system

  • In  the event that a goal was scored, one point of the player conceding the goal shall automatically be  transferred to the opponent who scored the goal.

  • In the case that the player conceding the goal has lost  all of  his points, he leaves the game and the opponent who scored shall start the next round.

  • In the event,  that a player scores an own goal or in case of doubt, one point of the player conceding the goal shall automatically be  transferred to the opponent  standing in  the goal to his left.

  • A player who deliberately touches the ball with his hand in areas where it forbidden  to do so ,  one point of the player who touched the ball shall  automatically be transferred to the opponent who kicked the ball

  • A player who kicks directly over the walls of the field shall one point of the player who kicked  the ball shall automatically be transferred to the opponent standing in the goal in which direction the ball was kicked  

  • A player who has conceded 10 goals  more than the number of goals he has scored, shall lose all of  his points and leaves the game.

  • The winner is the player who has accumulated the most points.

  • In a situation of a draw,  the player scoring the largest number of goals shall be the winner.

  • In the case of an absolute draw - a game will be played by the two leading players in opposing goals until a gap of 2 points is accumulated

  • The number of points does not express the number of goals scored by the player but the difference between the number of goals he scored and the number of times he conceded a  goal


Structure of the Pitch

Octagonal shaped  pitch with 8 goals



  • Total Area :250 Square Meters

  • Length of An Edge : 6.5 Meters

  • Distance Between Parallel Sides -16 Meters 

  • Height of Perimeter Walls- 2.5 Meters

Rules of the Game​

  • Player can score in any goal

  • The player can move and snatch the ball in any area of the pitch except for the goal area of the opponent

  • It is permissible to kick the ball directly into the oppositions goal from anywhere on the pitch except from the triangular area of ​​the same goal

  • After a goal has been scored, the player conceding the goal shall restart play.  

  • A deliberate act of a player making contact with the ball with the hand is prohibited, except in the goal area and in the case of stopping a ball in the triangle area. Accidental touching of the ball will not be considered an offense.

  • A player may hold the ball and even score in the opponents' goals while using his hands when he is in the goal area

  • A player may block a direct ball kicked at his goal by using one hand in his triangular area, if as a result of stopping the ball the opponents scored a goal ,then this goal will not becounted  .

  • The ball shall not remain in the goal area for more than 5 seconds during the game and after a goal has been scored. In the event of the ball remaining more than 5  seconds  the opponent standing in the opposite goal shall receive the ball..

  • Any visible communication between the players during the game is prohibited

8 Goals in the outdoor environment

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